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I grew up in a very small town where availability of team sports was limited, but access to the outdoors was readily available. My formative years were mostly spent running around in the woods and coming up with games/adventures that likely caused some early grey hairs on my parents. In the early adult years. I shifted gears into formalized road and trail racing, falling in love with ultras and strength training. After a few years and a lot of races. this began to stagnate. I found getting out the door to “train” became a burden.  hat’s when I was able to realize the essential nature of creativity in our movement practices. The idea of going for a long run can be daunting, but the idea of running through a forest, vaulting downed trees, and scrambling up rocks to get to a distant mountain summit is extremely exciting. Now I focus on uncovering that sense of play we all had at a younger age and marrying that with intuitive workouts. Thanks to this approach, my sense of creativity and play is at an all time high and those race results have only gotten better for it. 

Michael is a Level 2 MovNat trainer. MovNat is about movement. It is what we practice and what we teach. Anyone can gain from improving their movement, from elite athletes to those quite out of shape. You don’t have to be fit to move, you have to move to be fit. You will be astonished how your body responds to practicing its natural movements. The complex and adaptable movement patterns practiced in MovNat promote a clarity and restful state for the mind. This feeling of competence, peace, and grace is the feeling of being your true self.

Michael is certified as both a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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