About the Training

“The best thing a person can do is to be of some use.” 

This quote has resonated with me for most of my life and has a great parallel to natural movement. Many contemporary fitness systems focus on movements in a single plane and the use of machines or an abundance of equipment. However, most situations in daily life require us to be able to get our own body or a particular object over, under, or around an obstacle. By training through real world situations, we improve movement while also teaching you techniques you can use anywhere. I’ll help you learn how to use any part of your environment as a tool to enhance your movement, mobility, and fitness. Gaining this creativity – and the strength that goes with it – makes us more useful in any situation from everyday life to emergencies.

My primary goal is to train physical capability to meet and exceed the contextual demands of daily life. I want to help you re-harness the right to move pain-free and efficiently through any environment.

What People Say

Michael is incredibly intuitive, gifted, and dedicated. So fortunate I’ve been able to work with him through the pandemic!

Lisa G.

I never thought at the age of 55 I’d run my fastest marathon. This program really works!

Tom M.

I went from not being able to keep up with my kids to them trying to keep up with me!


Let’s build something together.